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Advancing Laparoscopic Surgery Through Innovation

As a company we engineer and launch products that help reduce the invasiveness of surgery for patients while enhancing the capabilities of surgeons.

At TransEnterix, innovation is a collaborative process where practicing surgeons partner with engineers to design, prototype and test new advances in surgery.

The SPIDER® Surgical System pioneers a new class of minimally invasive surgery — Flexible Laparoscopy. The innovation made possible by SPIDER is advancing surgery for patients and physicians.


Cleared by the FDA and now available in the United States, the SPIDER Surgical System offers intra-abdominal triangulation with flexible, articulating instruments through a single site. This new platform enhances surgeon capabilities while potentially reducing the invasiveness of many surgeries.


In development, and not yet cleared by the FDA or available on the market, the SurgiBot™ System is designed as a reduced incision, patient-side robotic surgery system. The system is intended to bring many of the advantages of robotic assistance to laparoscopic surgery while mitigating many of the drawbacks of existing robotic surgery systems.


From its start, TransEnterix set out to become a different kind of medical device company.

Partnering closely with world-renowned surgeons, TransEnterix relies on rapid prototyping, intense pre-clinical labs and hands-on collaboration to accelerate learning and bring new technologies to market more quickly.

*The SurgiBot has not been cleared by the FDA for use in the United States