About TransEnterix


At TransEnterix, our vision is to improve clinical outcomes and patient care through the use of robotics in surgery. We seek to enhance and support surgeon capabilities while reducing the barriers to adoption with responsible economics and leveraging existing laparoscopic skills.

U.S. Public Company (TRXC), Founded in 2006

TransEnterix was founded in 2006, and has successfully designed and received FDA clearance and European Certification (CE) on a suite of flexible instruments and the SPIDER® Surgical System. Development of the next generation robotic platform, the SurgiBot System, began in 2012. TransEnterix acquired the ALF-X Surgical Robotic System in September 2015.

TransEnterix is a US public company, headquartered in the Research Triangle of North Carolina, and is listed on the NYSE MKT Exchange (TRXC). We are a committed group of engineering, clinical, manufacturing and business professionals who seek to revolutionize how minimally invasive surgery is performed.

The SurgiBot™ System is currently in development and has not yet been cleared by the FDA for sale in the United States or by other regulatory authorities for sale outside the United States. ALF-X is not available for sales in the U.S.