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Patient Information about minimally invasive SPIDER® Surgery

The SPIDER® Surgical System is a revolutionary surgical platform that allows many abdominal procedures to be performed through a single incision in the belly button—potentially creating a virtually scarless result. Known as SPIDER Surgery, this approach represents a significant advance in minimally invasive surgery, which has been successfully performed for decades.

Surgeries performed with the SPIDER Surgical System need an incision no wider than a dime. How does the SPIDER Surgical System work?

The SPIDER’s unique design accommodates a range of small flexible instruments plus a tiny laparoscopic camera, all of which are operated through a slim tube. The system can be inserted through an incision approximately the same size as a dime (18mm).

Once inserted into the abdomen, the surgeon can open the system – much like an umbrella – and perform the procedure. The surgeon can manipulate the tiny instruments to bend and move in a wide range of motion. Once the surgeon completes the procedure, the system can be closed and removed through the same small incision. Watch how SPIDER works.

Traditional laparoscopic procedures usually require multiple incision.  SPIDER surgeries can often be performed through a single incision through your belly button. Traditional laparoscopic surgery usually requires multiple incisions. SPIDER Surgery can reduce this number, in many cases to a single incision.

Patients receiving fewer incisions may have less scarring and the potential for fast recovery and less post-operative pain.

Of course, every patient is different, and you should discuss your individual procedure and expectations with your surgeon.