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The SPIDER® Surgical System is advancing minimally invasive surgery by reducing the need for multiple incisions while providing additional capabilities to surgeons. Patients who receive a SPIDER Surgical procedure may experience less scarring with the potential for limited post-operative pain and a fast recovery to normal activities. Surgeons who use the SPIDER Surgical System benefit from single site triangulation with true left and true right control over flexible, articulating instruments.

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Patients across the United States are being treated with the SPIDER Surgical System. Surgeons use the system as a tool to offer patients less invasive, effective surgery for gall bladder removal, gastric banding, colon surgery and other emerging conditions. The surgical system allows the surgeon to operate multiple instruments through a single, small incision approximately the same size as a dime (18mm). More Patient Information

Are you a surgeon?

Join the many surgeons across the United States who are treating patients with the SPIDER Surgical System. SPIDER is the first minimally invasive surgical device cleared by the FDA that achieves intra-abdominal triangulation via a single site and offers true left and true right motion with flexible, articulating instruments. This pioneering system is also the first surgical platform to enable a new class of surgery called Flexible Laparoscopy. More Surgeon Information