Demonstrating the Potential of Flexible Laparoscopy

CaptureThe SPIDER® Surgical System was designed and launched to revolutionize single incision surgery.  Unlike conventional rigid laparoscopic surgery, the SPIDER System’s catheter-based, flexible instruments and intra-abdominal triangulation capability allowed multiple instruments to be used through one incision, with the goal of facilitating fewer incisions and a fast recovery for the patient. Surgeons could utilize as many as three instruments and a small laparoscopic camera without instrument clashing or crossing hands.  The system was successfully used in more than 4,000 surgeries in the U.S. and internationally.

The SPIDER represented the first product by TransEnterix to combine the technology of flexible catheters with the proven approach of laparoscopic surgery.  The SurgiBot® System represents the next advance in developing the promise of flexible laparoscopy to improve minimally invasive surgery.  TransEnterix is no longer offering the SPIDER Surgical System for sales as the company is focused on bringing the new SurgiBot System to patients, surgeons and hospitals.

The SPIDER Surgical System

The SPIDER System’s unique design accommodates a range of Flexible Instruments through articulating instrument delivery tubes (IDTs) and working channels that allow for the use of traditional instruments as well. True right and true left instrumentation and triangulation are achieved through a single site. Unlike early single port techniques, SPIDER Surgery eliminated the awkward crossed arms movement, allowing a single surgeon to operate the device more naturally for true right and left instrument manipulation.


Flexible Laparoscopy
Key Capabilities:

  • Triangulation achieved via single site access
  • True left and true right instrumentation
  • Flexible, articulating instruments
  • A single-operator platform
  • An open platform with multiple working channels
The SPIDER Surgical System is no longer available to new customers in the U.S. as TransEnterix focuses on the development and commercialization of the SurgiBot System.